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Our simple price list

We've tried to come up with a simple, clear and honest pricing structure for our services and support.

Our standard rate for all software development, installation and configuration is $100 per hour, billable at $10 for every six minutes.

Now we have some modifiers:

  • For non-profit/charities -- 40% off our standard rate.
  • For friends and FooVC customers -- 50% off our standard rate
  • For both -- 60% off our standard rate.
As we don't charge initial consultation fees, nor do we charge for installation of testing sites, getting your website up and running using our recommended web publishing platform, Movable Type, can cost as little as $40.


We charge for support, and support charges are our primary charge, as we do as much as possible to reduce or even eliminate any installation fees for you.

Our basic rate for all support is 15 cents per user per day, payable yearly in advance.

Web hosting

We don't sell web hosting.

We can work with your existing web host (billable hourly) or you can use our recommended web host. Our recommended host handles the set up and configuration of Movable Type for us, allowing us to pass the saving on to you.

We want you to be sure that your existing web host can handle Movable Type first. Look at your hosting provider's website and see if they support CGI-BIN, Perl, MySQL -- if they don't, then Movable Type is unable to work. We can also provide a quick test of your existing hosting, billable at our standard rate.

Please note: We do not support Windows based web hosting.

Under this situation, the work required for us to transfer your data from our testing site to the live site could take as little as ten minutes, which would be only $4 after all discounts have been applied.

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