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Legal stuff

Our goal is to provide our customers with a high quality product without requiring them to give up their essential freedoms. As such, we only use and recommend free software, and all of our products and services are based on free software, or are free software themselves.

These are the items we recommend:

Web publishing

  • Movable Type (GPL) — we recommend MTOS for publishing and developing websites. We have successfully built e-Commerce sites using stock MTOS 5, though we are mainly using version 4 for other websites due to its packaging status in operating system distributions. In future, Open Melody looks promising as it is a community distribution of the Six Apart source code.

Operating system (server and desktop)

  • Trisquel — now in version 4.0, Trisquel is a community 100% free software distribution of GNU/Linux, recommended by the Free Software Foundation (amongst others). Trisquel is both current and Debian/Ubuntu based, giving it a wide variety of sanely packaged software.

  • Fedora + Free-dora kernel — this is mainly used by FooCorpers ourselves. In future, a distribution of Fedora with Free-dora may appear, making it suitable for desktops but not servers, due to overly involved upgrade procedure and a perceived problem with RPM packages from our sysadmin friends.

Music community

  • GNU FM (marketed as both Libre FM and Libre FM Server by FooCorp) — currently GNU FM is two packages, comprising of a server and seperate web-front end. This is likely to change and become a series of plugins to GNU social, and be extended to support version 2.0 of Audioscrobbler/Last.fm API.

Social networking

  • GNU social (marketed as ‘social’ by FooCorp) is a social networking project that is currently in development. GNU social exists as a series of plugins that fit into StatusNet, which is a free software microblogging package. Both StatusNet and GNU social are relatively co-dependent as StatusNet contains code that is part of GNU social, and vice versa. For this, we have a good working relationship with StatusNet Inc.

Other legal stuff

If you need to contact us for any kind legal shenanigans, please email support@foocorp.net with the word ‘LEGAL’ in the subject line.

Please note: FooCorp is unable to open any proprietary document formats, so senders are encouraged to send only plain text, PDF or OpenDocument format attachments. Emails with Microsoft Office attachments will likely go unseen as our spam filter is quite strict.

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