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FooCorp privacy policy

Our privacy policy is awesome. We don't even log your IP address! Why? Because privacy is important.

Your privacy is our primary concern. Our goal is to retain as little information on you as possible while still retaining the ability to provide reliable service and prevent abuse of server resources.

We collect user information from you when you sign up for an account at one of our websites, specifically a username, password, and valid email address.

We check your email address is valid by sending you a verification email address. If you are concerned by the possibility that your email address or username may reveal your identity, please use an alternative email account, or username.

Most sites keep detailed records of all connections. In general, we do not keep information which uniquely identifies you to your ISP.

We do not log IP addresses.

For troubleshooting, we may enable increased logging for brief periods of time. These extra logs are deleted immediately after they are used.

You can opt-in to make your private information public, but we don't recommend it.

All of our software is free software, and we'd love to show you how to run your own copy, instead of using ours. Get in touch and let's make that happen.

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