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Become a Venture Customer!

Here's the idea... we're a small company, making free software, free music, and doing good (we hope).

We don't want to take venture capital funding and be forced to do things which are bad.

We do however, need money to do things and to progress our business.

We'd like to try and raise about $60,000 -- and so we've come up with this concept, after seeing it work well for others in the past.

We have 300 open spots for 'Venture Customers' -- customers who support our venture with a one time, $300 purchase.

In return for your support, we'll give you a FooPlug, configured and ready to go with GNU social.

(The hardware cost to us roughly $100, which means we make about $200 on the deal. This money will go towards future projects, and you will forever be listed as one of our 300 FooVCs.)

Interested? Make your payment.

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