From 2001 until 2008, FooCorp was known as CNUK.

CNUK itself was born out of an earlier project, comedynet UK — a website turned small production outfit formed by Matt Lee and Nick Hancock in 1997.

CNUK productions

  • Chancer (pilot)
  • furny 1999-2005 EP
  • dOT (pilot)
  • Torque TV (unfilmed script)

CNUK ran for several years as a production outfit, before settling on the idea of producing a non-profit to promote free software and free culture, the very ideas on which FooCorp is based. Later, we would produce material on demand, and specialized web and mail hosting for comedians and artists.

Along the way, we met all of the principals of FooCorp: Liam Smith at a GNU/Linux user group meeting, Rob Myers was the first artist to submit his own material to CNUK's social contract driven art portal, Mark Cousens joined after one of the other CNUK folks introduced us to a new online community, Mark Stephenson found CNUK and went on to co-write and produce Chancer and other pilots with Matt Lee and Chloe Phillips reached out and prodded us when we were a lowly couple of guys doing comedy in our bedrooms.

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